Itchenor Sailing Club

Acknowledgement and Recognition

Although the appeal is closed, if you would still like to contribute this is still possible - please click here to do so

We acknowledge with grateful thanks on behalf of the membership donations and waivers as set out below.

This is broadly how the contributions will appear in the Club Handbook and at the Club.


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Benefactors (£10,000 and more)

David Corsan
Simon Crane
Andrew McParland
Christopher Newell
Nick and Jane Oundjian
Mary and Jeremy Pudney
Anna and Herman Spruit
Rachel and Mike Weston

1 anonymous

Donors (£3,000 and more)

Audrey and Nick Backhouse
Jane and Jeremy Boadle
Sarah and Peter Dickinson
Lady Patricia and Sir Robert Finch
Sarah and Adrian Fisk
Liz and Murray Fox
Lady Julie and Sir Malcolm Green
Anita and Roy Griggs
Ros and Neil Hart
Catherine and Charles Hindson
Jim Jerwood
Elaine Leaver
Francesca and James Leaver
Sally and Robert MacGregor
Caroline and Jeremy Marriage
Sarah and Charles Peacock
Lord Francis Phillimore
Sheila and Jon Perry
Charlotte and Mike Robinson
Corinne and Robert Rooney
Jackie and Alan Stannah
Tim Steer
Rachael and Mark Struckett
Tom Tait
Annabel and Mark Timberlake
Lindsey and Malcolm Trice
Sir Tom Troubridge

1 anonymous

Supporters (£1,000 and more)

Chris Colbourne
Bimbi and Ant Fawcett
Olwen and Hugo Fisher
Nick Gardner
Dr Marjory Greig
Oliver Haarman
Emma and Peter Hansell
Georgina and James Hartley
Gary Hogg
John Holmes
Helen and Charles Hyatt
Colin MacLean
Anita and Nigel Masding
Kendall and Tom Massey
The Honorable Mrs Lavinia Massey
Christopher McLaughlin
Roger Morris
Gavin Palmer for H Ian Palmer Family
Peta and Barry Sampson
Tina Scott
Peter Snell
Carol Thompson
Francesca and Nick Tingley
Anita and Tom Trevelyan
Iona and Jonathan Turner
Caroline and Paul Ward
Robin Wilson
Emma and Mark Wippell

2 anonymous

Supporters (More than Suggested Minimum Donation)

Clare and Chris Blevins
Mark Candlish
Peter Dann
Ginny Fox
Jo and Chris Froy
Andres Gasser
Sue Glover
Tony Glover
Jane and Bruce Grant
Richard Grant
Richard Harrison
Nicola and Mark Harvey
Amanda and Roger Heath
Torrie and Dudley Howard
Clare and Mike Jefferies
Diana and Kees van der Klugt
Humphrey van der Klugt
Jeremy Lear
David Leon
Colin McKinnon
Alan Perry
Catherine and Franck Petitgas
Penny and William Plant
Robin Richardson
Letitia and Alex Rogers
Mike Rummel
Neil Sandberg
Sarah and Nick Searle
Carol and Jeremy Stupple
Lauren and David Williams

3 anonymous

Supporters (Suggested Minimum Donation - £265 individual, £395 couple)

Susie and Jerrold Alexander
Miranda and Graham Barnes
Claire Berwick
Amanda and James Birkett
William Bodey
Gilda and Jeremy Buckwell
Claudia and Clive Bush
Catherine Charnaud
Gabriel and Ander Cohen
Mark Collins
Dr Ruaraidh Collins
Johnny Cunningham-Reid
Andrew Dunlop
John Ford
Paul Giles
Natasha and Philip Gladman
Rosie and Malcolm Glaister
Chloe and Nigel Glennie
Mandy and Will Henderson
Peter Henshaw
Johnny Hornby
Roger Jones
Peter Lansdale
Martine and Anthony Lunch
Jane and Graham Marsden
Branko Marusic
Michael McNish
Alexandra and Sean McCreery
Simon Miller
Robert Morgan
Katie Nurton
Fleur and Duncan O’Kelly
David Palmer
Linda and Ron Parker
Hayley and Alastair Poulain
Charles Prescot
Pam and David Priscott
Andrew Reid
Prue and Harry Roome
Chris Weld
Debbie and Mike Wigmore
Anna and Viv Williams
Robin Wootton

3 anonymous

Participants (all other contributions)

Richard Atkins
John Button
John Case
Gerald Cheyne
Ian Cox
Peter Crookston
Chris Darling
David Leach
Peter Malpas
Mike Mason
Anne and Robin Payne
Pamela Vernon