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Posted 4th March 2019

The sun shone and the boats and people kept arriving for the first Itchenor Rowing Rally on Saturday 2nd March. They rowed from Eastney, Langstone, Emsworth, Bosham and Westlands and drove from the Hamble and Portsmouth to assemble a flotilla of different styles of rowing boat. 

The aim of the day was to get as many people rowing in as many different types of boats as possible. 

By midday Itchenor Sailing Club had a wide array of boats including a St Ayles Skiff, a Cornish Pilot Gig, Solent Galleys, a Celtic Longboat, Burseldon Gigs, a Claydon, an Epona, a moving seat quad scull, a moving seat coxed 4, a single scull and a Langstone 4. 

Over eighty people turned up from the local area to try out all the boats in the Itchenor Reach creating quite a spectacle. 

Particularly popular were the Celtic Longboat, Solent Galleys, Bursledon Gigs and the quad sculling boat, which had queues all afternoon. 

The day was followed by an evening talk in the Club House by Steve Woods of Langstone Cutters on how to win the annual Great River Race on the Thames. 

The Rally was scheduled to continue through Sunday but sadly activities were cancelled due to Storm Freya.

Posted 19th February 2019

Itchenor are hosting a Weekend Rowing Rally on Sat 2nd and Sun 3rd March and have invited rowers from other other local clubs to attend with their boats. The aim being to get a gathering of different types of rowing boats all together so that as many people as possible can experience rowing in as many of the different types of boats as come.   


Saturday 2nd March:
1000 to 1200  Boats arrive at ISC by land and sea
1200 to 1215 Welcome to ISC
1215 to 1300  Lunch and bar 
1300 to 1630  Rowing outings in Solent Galleys, Celtic Longboat, St Ayles Skiff, Bursledon Gig, Single Scull, Pilot Gig, Coastal sliding seat four, River sliding seat four etc
1630               Tea and cakes
1730 to 1900   Talk on Great River Race with photos by Mike Gilbert of Langstone Rowing Club
1900+              Bar and Supper

Accomodation is available at ISC for £16 per person for those that would like to make a party of it and stay the night? Please contact to book your bed. Phone is 01243 512400. Book early to avoid disappointment!

Sunday 3rd March:
0900 to 1000    Breakfast
1000 to 1230    Rowing outings in Solent Galleys, Celtic Longboat, St Ayles Skiff, Bursledon Gig, Single Scull, Pilot Gig, Coastal sliding seat four, River sliding seat four etc
1230                 Bar and lunch followed by return to home club.

Itchenor have a splendid all tide slipway, moorings and pontoons that faciltate launching and storage of boats over night.
Itchenor will have a RIB available to facilitate swap overs and act as a Support Boat.
All participants to bring personal bouyancy.

I hope you will all come and try out the boats that come and enjoy meeting rowers from other clubs?

Posted 5th September 2018

Bembridge is ready for re-launch. Her first outing will be at 1730 on Friday 7th September 2018.

Posted 23rd July 2018

Another first, visited the War Graves at Thorney Island church see picture. Saw a seal basking on the Eastern shore of  the Thorney channel on the way home. This was the inaugural rally for the RS 2000s and the Rowers! Great coffee and cake thanks to Clare and Sarah. Biggest slice of cake for Lilly and great 1st outing for Sarah BP.

Posted 17th July 2018


Friday evening took us to Pilsey Island to inspect the obstuctions at low water and the oysters. Please join in - we now have two boats and need more coxes and crews! Contact the office for details.

Posted 9th July 2018

What a great week, 22 people visited Henley Royal Regatta on Thursday

Posted 1st July 2018

Round Hayling Island Rowing Race

A rowing team from Itchenor entered the Round Hayling Island Rowing Race last Sunday 17 June joining 25+ other boats which included Cornish Pilot Gigs, Solent Galleys, Whalers, St Ayles Skiffs and Bursledon Gigs. Our boat is a Solent Galley called Bembridge and was one of four galleys entered.

The day dawned with leaden skies and 20+ knot winds forecast so the organisers decided to change the route from right around Hayling Island to a course from Langstone Bridge to Fishery and on to Sandhead and back. As the tide turned and the wind reached 25+ knots the waves increased to nearly a metre round Fishery and still our stalwart team battled on in stormy winds and waves to finish third in 3hrs 5min. This was always billed to be an epic journey of 2-3 hours rowing with no opportunity to stop and catch one's breath on the way. Our intrepid team was: Jacky Norris Warton, William Plant, Chris Blevins and Jim Dunn, mostly ably coxed by Colin Maclean.

Essential to the success of the day were the many supporters that cheered the team round the course, helped tow our boat to Langstone and back, and provided food and drink after the race. All arrived back at ISC very tired with a few blisters after a long day at 20:00.

A noble effort by Itchenor rowers in their first competitive event.