Commodore's Message

Itchenor Sailing Club was founded in 1927.

The Club seeks to provide a friendly environment for like-minded people to join together in the enjoyment of sailing, racing and cruising, as well as other on-the-water activities such as rowing and kayaking, with appropriate facilities ashore and afloat.

Our intention today is to continue to fulfil this ambition.

The Club aims to provide an environment where young sailing talent, and adult inexperienced sailors, can be encouraged, taught and developed.

The Club provides top class amateur racing for our classic keelboat fleets and our adult and junior dinghy fleets. The management of the racing programme relies on all members making a voluntary contribution to support this activity.

The Club supports a cruising division for those who sail away from the harbour. It also supports other on the water activities, in particular a very active rowing section with outings throughout each week. A comprehensive training programme provides members with instruction in both sail and power.

The Club House is available to members, their friends and visiting sailors to promote the sport of sailing and encourage good fellowship.

My hope is that all members enjoy sailing at Itchenor, respect the Club's facilities and feel proud to be part of its tradition

Neil Hart