Data Privacy


The laws on data privacy change this year. On 25 May, the new General Data Protection Regulations (“GDPR”) come into effect, replacing the Data Protection Act 1998. GDPR tightens how any business collects, stores and uses personal data. 

We have carried out a comprehensive audit on our data collection, usage and storage practices, and following some modifications we are satisfied that we are compliant with GDPR. One particular area where our practice has had to change, is that we can no longer rely on “opt-out” clauses. We must now hold individuals specific consent to hold and use their personal data. 

The Club has produced a Data Protection Policy which can be found on the Club website - click here.  Your personal data which we hold will be stored and used in accordance with this policy. 

Uses to which your personal data may be put include:

·         Managing of Members and their dependants membership of the Club, including the payment of subscriptions

·         Managing membership categories which are age dependant

·         Production of a Members Handbook in either paper or electronic versions

·         Management of the duties roster

·         Communicating details of Club sailing and social events and newsworthy matters

·         Managing the Club’s point of sale system and Members card accounts

·         Managing Club events and publishing results in both paper and electronic formats. 

Therefore, in order to continue to hold and use your personal data and that of your dependants aged under 16 (if appropriate) for the following purposes, we require you to specifically CONSENT or NOT CONSENT: 

A.  The Club may wish to publish a membership handbook, yearbook or directory with member’s contact details which will be available to all members, in either electronic or paper versions.

B.  The Club may arrange for photographs or videos to be taken of Club activities and published on our website or social media channels to promote the Club.  

Now would you please either:

Complete the form which accompanied your mailing and return it to the Club Office, 


Complete this online Consent Form in order to indicate and submit your preferences.