Junior Fortnight duties

Duties for 2020 will appear here just prior to the start of the event.


We depend on the support of parents/guardians to ensure the safety of the children during the event. Accordingly all parents/guardians are required to do a number of duties, both ashore and afloat. Preferences for dates and roles will be accommodated as far as possible, but the JF Committee retains the right to allocate parents/guardians in line with the ISC Safety Policy. NOTE THAT LATE ENTRIES WILL BE ALLOCATED DUTIES BUT THAT INDIVIDUAL PREFERENCES MAY NOT BE CONSIDERED.  

For parents/guardians undertaking support boat duties they will be required to have an RYA Powerboat Level 2 Certificate or have taken part in an ISC Powerboat Support Day prior to Sunday 28th July 2019. We will be organising training sessions in relation to support boat duties on 12th May, 27th and 28th July ie the weekend before the start of racing. Failure to turn up for a duty will result in a £150 fine in line with ISC policy.  

The JF Committee will publish a list of school leavers who will be eligible to do duties for a suggested payment of £70 per day (£45 for a half day). An eligible school leaver is aged 17 or over, having left school at the end of the summer term 2019 and holds a RYA Power Boat Level 2 Certificate. The Committee is keen to encourage competitors to compete in as many events as possible. It will therefore try to limit the maximum number of duties to 7 for any family.

JF Committee